Name: Reagan
Nickname(s): Ray
Age: 15
Past Residents: None
Present Residents: Silence High
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: Teddy
Status: Alive
Father Philip
Mother Agnes
Older Brother Josh
Aunt Isabelle
Niece None
Nephew None
Cousin None
Grandmother Doris
Granddad Patrick
Grandchildren None


Calm & collected. Quiet. Very shy at times also. All in all, she is a rebel when it comes to school, and life for that matter.


Reagan has scarlet hair & very pale green eyes that are near white. She has a triple pierce on her right ear.

Likes Dislikes
Reading Oranges
Snow Bugs
Animals Homophobia
Art Crowded places
Archery P.E.
Zip lining Bullies
Friends Foes

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